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Wonsa short facts

The core of Wonsa is our specialist clinic where we offer a medical health centre
and psychological trauma treatment for individuals that have been exposed to sexual abuse as a child.
You are currently welcome to Wonsa as a teenager or adult. During 2016 we will have the opportunity
to offer our services to children from the age of 13.

We are developing and spreading our concept through scientific research and education.

Wonsa is a Swedish NGO foundation, with global ambitions.
Our vision is a world free from sexual abuse.

Q & A

What education does Wonsa’s therapists have?

In addition to a basic therapist education, every Wonsas therapist is used to working with issues related to sexual abuse and violence. They also have further education in one or more of the trauma treatment techniques Wonsa uses: EMDR, Lifepsan Integration or Somatic Experience.

Where can I find a Wonsa clinic?

Our first clinic opened in March 2015 and is located in Stockholm. Our ambition is that as soon as it is possible make Wonsa’s trauma treatments available in other parts of Sweden. Initially with a clinic in northern Sweden and one in the south. To achieve this we need the help from more people and organizations who want to support Wonsa’s cause.

Can I do volunteer work with you?

Sure! Right now we are looking for an experienced administrator or production manager who wants to help us make our work more effective. We also look for doctors, gynecologists and midwives who wish to work in our volunteer line and meet patients  in our medical clinic in Gamla stan in Stockholm. Contact us at info@wonsa.org for more information.

Who owns Wonsa?

Wonsa is a fundraising foundation. A foundation owns itself, and follows only its own by-laws. So no one can own Wonsa now or in the future, dividends can’t be done from the foundation and Wonsa can’t be sold to other parties. We think that feels good. The fundraising foundation owns a limited company in which Wonsa’s clinic is conducted. Any excess from the limited company always go back to the foundation, where it’s used to reach Wonsa’s vision – a world of no sexual abuse.

Where does Wonsa’a excess go?

All excess from our educations and treatments in Wonsa AB goes to the fundraising foundation Wonsa. No funds may be allocated from the foundation other than to support Wonsa does. Today all collected funds and surplus funds go to developing the organization and to fund more trauma treatments – since the current structure within Landstinget (County Council) does not finance them fully.

Talking figures

Below, you can track how far we’ve come in one of our first goals – to train 200 doctors and carry out 500 psychological trauma treatments in Sweden.


Trauma treatments

Svensk Insamlingskotroll

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