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Through treatment, research and education, we work for

a world of no sexual abuse.


The heart of Wonsa is our specialist clinic, where doctors and therapists
with knowledge in how to treat psychological trauma after incest and sexual abuse,
meet patients who have been sexually abused.



Wonsa is a Swedish NGO foundation with global amibitions.




Numbers that speak for themselves

80 % of our patients did not receive any help the first time they told someone about the abuse.
80 % of our patients have tried to get help before they came to Wonsa.
70 % of our patients were 11 years or younger when the abuse happened.
30 % of our patients waited for 15 years or more before they told someone about the abuse.
30 % of our patients have tried to commit suicide at least once before the turned 18.
20 % of our patients were abused for 10 years or more.
20 % of our patients have under periods of their lives not had access to the memories of the abuse.



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