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Do you want to cooperate with us to help reach a world of no sexual abuse? Our goal is to help those who have been abused, but also to increase knowledge about sexual abuse and violence on a global level. We need doctors, gynecologists and midwives who are comitted to our cause and willing to work voluntarily with us and meet our patients at our medical clinic in Gamla Stan in Stockholm.
We are also looking for therapists, inspiring lecturers, postgraduates and researchers.

Everybody who works with Wonsa, doctors as well as therapists, take our course “Meeting traumatized patients”.

Contact us at if you are interested!




We have a referral demand for treatment at the psychological trauma treatment department within the Swedish high-cost protection. Both doctors and therapists can send a referral to Wonsa. The first contact is usually made via SMS, so don’t forget to check that the right phone number is listed in the referral.

Before you can begin to refer patients to us, a contract needs to be signed between the health care center and Wonsa. At the moment we can only accept paper referrals. We have a referral briefing once a week. Referral Confirmation and contact with new patients takes place in connection with every referral review.

Referrals are sent to: Wonsa, Stortorget 3, 1st floor 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden.

Visiting our medical department costs 200 SEK and no referral is needed.