About Wonsa

Who are we, why are we?

Läkare Gita Rajan håller i papper

Wonsa – World of No Sexual Abuse was founded by medical doctor Gita Rajan in 2014. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she early became aware of the shortcomings within the healthcare system and in the treatments she was offered.

The fundraising foundation and the limited company was registered in the fall of 2014. In December 2015, we opened our first specialist clinic in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. We take in patients from 12 years and up, regardless of gender, which type of sexual abuse has occurred and regardless of when it happened.

Wonsa is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization. Through treatment, research, and spreading knowledge we work to make specialist care for psychological trauma after sexual abuse available in the entire country, and in the long run, the entire world.

Wonsa is currently Sweden’s only scientifically approached specialist clinic for adult patients who have been sexually abused in their childhood.


About the organization

All activities take place in the context of the fundraising foundation Wonsa and our limited company, Wonsa AB. Our work is regulated in our by-laws and no profit can be withdrawn from the fundraising foundation.


Our economic model

Today, basically all our activities conducted within the fundraising foundation Wonsa and Wonsa AB are voluntary. The economic model for long-term economic sustainability and stability are based on three sources: revenues from education, revenues from treatments and revenues from fundraising.

Education and treatment operations fall within the scope of Wonsa AB. The education program is self-financed through participation fees. The clinic is funded through patient fees and agreed visits compensation from Landstinget. Surplus from education and treatment in Wonsa AB goes to fundraising foundation Wonsa. No profit withdrawals can be made from the fund.

Activities are supervised by the Swedish Fundraising Control.                                          90_Konto_Logo_RGB_200x49px


This is our goal

Our overall vision is a world without sexual abuse. To reach it, we believe that our efforts and our commitment need to be worldwide. It is a long-term process where operations need to be stable in Sweden before we expand internationally.


Our values

Sexual abuse and sexual violence are areas characterized by aggression, domination, taboo, shame, guilt, politics and opinions. Our belief is that a constructive navigating through the minefield requires knowledge, love and courage. Knowledge is our base. With knowledge we can give professional treatments to our patients. And with courage we can act with dedication and love in this difficult area.