We educate doctors

To achieve our vision of a world without sexual abuse it requires knowledge. Lots of knowledge. That why we train doctors and other health professionals about sexual abuse, its consequences and how to make a difference in the daily meeting the patient and patient call – by daring to talk about sexual abuse and violence with patients.

Would you like us to come to your workplace? Email us directly here or on info@wonsa.org.

Lifespan Integration education

On the 10th to 11th of April, 2015 Wonsa conducted a second further training for trained therapists in the trauma treatment method Lifespan Integration. The method was developed by Peggy Pace (pictured above) in the United States when she was working with adults who have been sexually abused in their childhood. Peggy visited Wonsa in Stockholm in November 2014 and then certified Sweden’s first three trainers in Lifespan Integration; Kristina Pettersson, Bodil Lindström and Ismini Wikström. We are so excited to have them as trainers in Wonsa!

For more information and applying for the coming education email us at anmalan@wonsa.org.

Photography: Emilia B Jiménez