Two new workshops with Suzette Boon – in March and October

Suzette Boon has over 30 years of experience in working with patients who suffer from mental health issues and is especially skilled in dissociative disorders. WONSA tries to offer education with her about once a year.


suzette workshop 2020

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Since we have had some problems with missed notifications about applications, please always send an e-mail to to confirm your application!

Suzette Boon, Ph.D.

After a phase focusing on stabilization and symptoms reduction, in phase II the focus turns to working with memories of traumatic experiences. Effective work in this phase involves remembering, tolerating, processing, and integrating overwhelming past events.

In this workshop, several techniques to integrate traumatic memories will be discussed. First, we will discuss a checklist to evaluate if a patient is ready for phase II work. And if a patient is ready, where do you start? How do you plan and schedule the sessions? What is needed to maintain safety during this phase? How can patients contain their feelings if the work becomes too intense? How do we know that a memory is sufficiently integrated?
Special focus will be on the “guided synthesis technique” (Boon & van der Hart, 1995; Van der Hart, Nijenhuis& Steele, 2006; Steele, Boon & Van der Hart, 2018 ).

During all workshops I will include short video clips, demonstration of the techniques, and participants are also asked to bring cases so that they can participate in role plays and exercises.


Time: March 20-21 at 08.30-17.00 both days.

Place: The event venue is not yet decided, but it will take place within Stockholm city center. We will inform you about the address later on.

Price: 5 000 SEK (+ service fee).



Getting stuck in therapy with patients with a complex dissociative disorder: Treatment of “Difficult” Patients

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Since we have had some problems with missed notifications about applications, please always send an e-mail to to confirm your application!

Every therapist has encountered a “difficult patient” who engenders feelings of guilt, rage, shame, humiliation, helplessness, and incompetency, and who seems to resist virtually any efforts toward progress. In the face of massive resistance, the therapist may retreat into destructive enmeshment or distancing with the patient.

The actual prognosis of a ”difficult” patient depends to some degree on the goodness of fit between patient and therapist, and on the skills and experience of the therapist, as well as on certain prognostic indicators that should be used to screen for appropriateness for outpatient psychotherapy and to plan a workable therapy.
The “difficult” patient can typically be understood as having extreme problems with four related issues: (1) dissociation; (2) chronic defenses against perceived relational threat (e.g., criticism, rejection, abandonment, or engulfment and control); (3) chronic defenses against inner experience (e.g., affects, cognitions, physical sensations, wishes, needs); and (4) difficulties in self regulation.

On top of these problems, there may be ongoing abuse which makes the therapy more complicated. Interventions are first directed to the therapist, who must learn to empathically understand the patient’s behavior, and act with reflection rather than with reaction. This reflective stance is a treatment strategy in itself for the patient and paves the way for further interventions.Strategies for the therapist and patient will be discussed extensively.


Time: October 23-24 from 08.30-17.00 both days.

Place: The event venue is not yet decided, but it will take place within Stockholm city center. We will inform you about the address later on.

Price: 5 000 SEK (+ service fee).



We have a new phone number!

As per today, Wonsa have a new phone number. Our new number is:

010-12 90 900


Wonsa in Swedish TV today

Wonsa is addressing the lack of a government financed care and trauma treatment in Sweden, for children and adults exposed to sexual abuse.

It is time for our politicians and decision makers to admit that this is a serious problem, to take a stand and make a change.

Today we were on the Swedish public news TV again, showing and talking about Wonsas work and our specialized clinic. Unfortunately this is only sent i Swedish, but 1 minut into this clip you will find the interview:


You can also find a shorter clip here:


New year of 2016!

Happy new year 2016!
2015 was an eventful year for Wonsa  -world of no sexual abuse.
During the year we opened our first clinic in Gamla Stan i Stockholm for people that have been sexually abused. At our clinic we have per today performed around 600 physiological trauma treatment hours and we currently have 40 patients signed up for treatment.
But, we still need your help in financing all or parts of our treatments while we are continuing our work and efforts in making the Swedish “Landsting” and government admitting our patient group and prioritizing public healthcare fundings for organizations like Wonsa.

If you are currently in Sweden please help us by using Swish: 123 900 4821 or SMS: WONSA followed by 50, 100, 200 or 500 to number 72901 and you will donate the corresponding amount.

If you are abroad from Sweden, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail for more information about co-operations and support.

Thank you for spreading our message, the world needs more people like you!

Lovisa awarded as UN supporter!

Lovisa Fhager Havdelin has been a member of the board since the beginning of the Wonsa foundation.
Vi are now happy to announce that Lovisa has been awarded the UN supporter of the year 2015 and also selected to participate in the 2016 Anna Lindh Academy‘s leadership programs on human rights.
Congratulations Lovisa! We are so proud that you are a part of team Wonsa!

Wonsa in Swedish radio

Yesterday Gita Rajan attended the radio show P4extra to talk about our work at Wonsa.

We need all the help we can get to keep endurance in our work.

37 minutes into the show at this link:

Winners of Reach for change

Gita Rajan and Hermine Holm have been appointed Change Leaders in the competition Reach for Change, which is organized by Kinnevik together with Metro and Tele2 amongst others.

The prize is both intellectual and financial capital – which gives us the ability to be persistent and can keep on offering help and treatment to those who have been sexually abused – in the waiting for public funding so everyone who needs it can receive help.

Thanks to Reach for Change!


Winners from 2015 and 2016.

Full speed with Knowit

Today, Saturday, we are meeting with the assigned group from Knowit that are working intensively with designing and building our new Intranet. We are so eager and so grateful for all that you are doing for Wonsa. Thank you!


Upcoming bill for sexual crimes

On this Friday we were invited to a hearing from the 2014 official committee inquiring the Swedish law for sexual crimes. The committee is proposing a new bill, including an important upgrade of the existing law.

One of the most important parts of the new bill will be that the law is taking a stand on the perspective of voluntariness. If you do not make sure that the other person is actively expressing his/her voluntarily participation in a sexual act, then you might be committing a  sexual crime.

This is a very important step for the Swedish law, and Wonsa is looking forward to the upcoming complete proposals from the committee in 2016.

Knowit is supporting Wonsa

Thanks to fantastic Knowit we continue making the world a better place!

Wonsa is growing fast and Knowit donates 500 working hours, starting this fall 2015, to create a professional infrastructure for Wonsa. That way we can secure the quality of our administrative systems, increase the effectiveness at the clinic and in our research. In addition information becomes more accessible to our co-workers and volunteers.

Thank you so much!