Our research

Our mission is to reduce the suffering for victims of sexual abuse as long as abuse is still in this world . In order to do so effectively, we need to have up to date knowledge about the epidemiology and about modern psychological treatments. By partnering with selected universities and doing research on sexual abuse and violence, Wonsa both get access and contributes to the global knowledge development.

Ongoing and finished studies



Wonsa does registry studies with epidemiologist Axel C. Carlsson from Karolinska Institutet. We do this to put light on the consequences of sexual abuse, on both a personal and societal level.
Our first research article was based on one of those studies. It included everyone living in Stockholm from 2001 to 2013 and is based on diagnoses on sexual abuses. We have looked at those who have a diagnose and those who do not, and we have compared these groups looking at diagnoses regarding stress, anxiety, depression, psychosis, bipolar disorder, substance abuse and chronic pain.

Main findings:
  • Diagnoses on sexual abuse are rarely made  – in two years 975 diagnoses was made in 2,5 million residents.
  • In the girls (665, only 69 boys) age 0-17 who had a diagnosis on sexual abuse it was:
    • More than 15 times as common to also have a stress diagnosis.
    • More than 10 times as common to have a diagnosis on substance abuse.
    • More than 3 times as common with psychosis, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.
  • In the adults who had a diagnosis on sexual abuse it was:
    • About 20 times as common with a diagnosis on alcohol abuse.
    • 15 times as common for women and 23 times as common for men to also have a psychosis diagnosis.
    • More than 10 times as common for men to have a stress or anxiety diagnosis.

You can read the entire article here: JECH, artikel Wonsa_KI Stockholm


We constantly investigate new opportunities to registry data studies. Do you have a research idea? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@wonsa.org.