Wonsa at the Rise day

Rise day

In November last year the organization Rise, who offers support groups for victims of incest or sexual abuse in the childhood, held the Rise Day in Stockholm. It’s a day completely dedicated to these victims.

Wonsa’s head of clinic and research, Gita Rajan, was there talking about the problem both on an individual level and a societal level – what it’s like to have been abused, PTSD and dissociation, but also how many victims there are and how hard it is to get help.

There was also a debate with a gynecologist, a dentist, and a CBT-therapist on how to treat patients with a sexual abuse history.
Maria Ahlin from Freethem was there to talk about pornography and moral courage.
And Marianne Lind from Norwegian Stöttesenter, the foremost clinic in Scandinavia, was there to talk about their work.


All the programs of the day, including the one with Gita, is now available for everyone to see on UR Play, watch here (in Swedish, sadly no English subtitles are available).

Thank you Rise for arranging the Rise day and helping us a little further on the way towards a world of no sexual abuse.