It’s easy to feel like
you’re completely alone, but you are not. Going to support organizations to meet others who have been abused usually has a powerful and healing effect.
In that meeting it all becomes clear; it wasn’t your fault and you are definitely not alone.



Rise – Riksföreningen stödcentrum mot incest och andra sexuella övergrepp i barndomen is a member based support organization. Rise is offering a support phone line twice a week and a support e-mail at open 24-7. The Rise phone and e-mail support are open to both women and men.

If you are above 18 years old and have been sexually abused as a child you are welcome to become a member in Rise (100 SEK/year). As a member, you can attend the Rise support groups where you will meet other people with a similar background to yours. For members, Rise is also offering different courses/training, member café and also camps 1-2 times/year where you get the opportunity to meet others and work with focused healing from your experiences.



nxtME is an organization for those who have been, or still are, exposed to incest and needs help and support to process their experiences.

They offer support groups, a support line and chat. You can also get a support person who can help by coming with you to doctors appointments, the police and lawyers etc.


föreningen tillsammans

Wonsa also cooperates with Föreningen Tillsammans, who can offer you support if you were abused as an adult or young adult. They offer support groups, chat, and e-mail support.



Nationellt Centrum för Kvinnofrid runs the clinic Kvinnofridsenheten at Akademiska sjukhuset in Uppsala and also the national support line Kvinnofridslinjen.
If you have been exposed to violence, threat or sexual abuse, you can come to their clinic to get help and support.


Ersta Hopp

Ersta Hopp is a part of Ersta Diakoni (deaconry) who offers help to men and women (both cis and trans) and non-binary persons over 18 who have been sexually abused growing up. They have individual therapy and structured group therapy in themes. The sessions are led by professionally trained personnel with long experience.


If you are in a situation where abuse and violence is ongoing, it’s important that you get help to get out of that situation. Contact one of the experienced help organizations that exist all over the country.

roks unizon manscentrum