Specific education with Suzette Boon in Oct and Nov 2018

suzette boon
On October 6-7 and November 8-9, Wonsa will be having a specific education with Suzette Boon for operation managers, physicians, psychologists and therapists working with complexly traumatized patients. Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of CPTSD, dissociative disorders and DID.
Price 10 000 SEK ex VAT for both courses. 6 000 SEK ex VAT for participating in one of them.
The education will take place in Stockholm. More information about the place and a program will be coming.
Registration is made to info@wonsa.org. The number of participators is limited.

Suzette Boon about Workshop 1 – Is this a dissociative disorder?
Do you work with survivors of chronic trauma? Are you sometimes confused whether they have a dissociative disorder or Complex PTSD? And what do we actually mean when we talk about dissociation? What are dissociative parts and how are they different from borderline modes or egostates? This two day workshop will hopefully answer many of your questions!
Suzette Boon about Workshop 2 – After the Diagnosis, what next?
What do you actually need to stabilize in order to make a decision to start trauma work and how do you do that? How do you get a working alliance with aggressive and persecutory parts of the person? What are major pitfalls in the treatment process? How do you decide whether a patient is stable enough to start trauma work? And if you start trauma work, where do you start? How do you prevent decompensation or more serious dissociation or dysregulation?
And, finally how do you help lower functioning patients who do not have the strength or therapeutic potential/opportunity to do trauma work?
Day one has a focus on stabilization techniques and day two on the treatment of traumatic memories.

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