Treatment at Wonsa

At our trauma clinic you get to meet experienced therapists who use methods that gently heal without further traumatization. All our therapists are trained to work with questions regarding sexual abuse and domestic violence. Beyond their basic therapeutic education, they have further education in the different trauma methods that Wonsa uses.

It can take anything from occasional counseling to several years of various types of therapies to heal all wounds after sexual assault or rape. We can’t do everything for you, but we believe it’s a human right to receive help to understand that the crime is over. Therefore, we focus on relieving PTSD and dissociative symptoms.

There are various types of trauma treatments. Often, techniques that complement verbal communication is needed, and in practically every case the body needs to be involved in the treatment. The goal is to help our patients to land in the present, without fear of what happened in the past.


For a single trauma 1-3 sessions may be enough.

For complex traumas with dissociative disorders, the treatment can take anything from 1-10 years, but is often done in about 2-5 years.


Stabilizing therapy

We sometimes use stabilizing therapy as an introduction to treatment. Especially in complexly traumatized patients, we see that it’s important to start with stabilizing to feel grounded and safe before continuing with other treatments.


Lifespan Integration

Lifespan Integration is based on the theory that difficult events are not integrated into the course of life, and that the brain and body find it difficult to understand that the event is over or has passed. By re-routing the neural networks and integrating the event fully the patient understands that the danger is over and is able to leave it behind and land in the present.


Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing could simply be described as mindfulness for traumatized patients. Carefully focused on the present, the patient learns to find places in the body which are less affected by the trauma at the current moment. Through these places, the patient learns to regulate various types of stress reactions, and the patient learns through direct experience to feel emotions through a secure connection to the body.



The experience of the assault often remains in the body and can manifest as chronic pains of different kinds. BodySense is a gentle way to listen to your body and help it let go of the trauma. There’s only light touch involved, you always have your clothes on and you decide what you’re comfortable with.



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a treatment where bilateral stimulation of the brain is used to reduce the negative experience of a recognized memory. The bilateral stimulation created through eye movements or by alternately touching the right and left hands or knees. Numerous studies show a strong reduction of trauma-related symptoms after finishing the treatment.
The treatment is based on exposure, but experience has shown that patients react less painfully from the exposure due to the bilateral stimulation. If the exposure should be too painful the therapist will help the patient to regain a feeling of peace and security.


Group therapy

We offer group therapy in yoga, identity therapy, dance therapy, Tree of life, sex and intimacy, psychoeducation and art therapy.