Knowledge and development are necessary in order to reduce both the incidence of sexual abuse and the resultant suffering afterwards, which is why we prioritize research.

Our goal is both to reduce the incidence of sexual abuse and also the resultant suffering afterwards. To achieve this, knowledge about epidemiology and effective treatment methods needs to increase. WONSA therefore conducts research together with Karolinska Institutet.

According to Axel C Carlsson, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet:

“The research we conduct together with WONSA will in the long run help to highlight and explain the connection between difficult life events and health, which will benefit both victims and professionals who meet these people in primary care.

Traumatized people are found in all types of care and it is an underestimated and large problem that patients with trauma have, for example, prolonged difficulty sleeping, depression, pain and other types of symptom diagnoses without getting their problems identified as trauma-related. By being able to identify traumatized people and by being able to offer them effective treatment, we can contribute to both reduced suffering and socio-economic improvements.

Through the dissemination of results in scientific journals, as well as through the clinic's educational activities and collaboration with other healthcare providers, there are good opportunities for dissemination and implementation of new knowledge, which could have a major impact on access to healthcare both nationally and internationally.”