Current projects

Our projects are currently in different stages. Here we present a list of our late-stage projects. If you have questions about our early-stage projects, or if you have other project ideas, feel free to contact us at We are always interested in new ideas and collaborations!



Subject Type of study Status


Towards a medical concept of sexual abuse: The Sexual Abuse Classification (SAC)


How can sexual abuse be classified in a way that facilitates research and clinical practice? Combined questionnaire study and expert validation

Data collection and analysis completed

Script processing in progress.


Towards a medical concept of health concequences after sexual abuse: The Sexual Abuse Injury Syndrome (SAIS)


Can different symptoms and diagnoses after sexual abuse be understood on the basis of a common theory? A validation study based on analysis of patient registrations, literature and international experience Data collection and analysis in progress


The economical footprints of ACEs as reflected within the public health insurance system in Sweden


Are there / what are the connections between the number of ACEs and the use of the Swedish health change system (Försäkringskassan). Study based on patient registrations Planning in progress


Gatekeeping mechanisms and facilitating factors for helpseeking among victims of sexual abuse who are selling sex


What factors make it more difficult or easier for individuals who have been sexually abused and have sex for compensation to seek trauma treatment? A multi-method qualitative project Planning in progress


MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for adult patients with complex PTSD in the aftermath of child sexual abuse


Can MDMA-assisted psychotherapy reduce arousal, PTSD and depression in complex traumatized patients (SAIS grade 3-5)?
An outcome study Planning in progress