WONSAs founder Gita Rajan obtains a PhD

"Sexual violence - Epidemiology, Treatment & Access to Health Care"




This thesis is dedicated to anyone who wants to use its content to spread healing, equality and hope.


The potential beauty offered by earth is poisoned by the unrighteous usage and rape of others and of the earth itself, a behavior so widely spread that it is threatening our very existence. Consciousness, compassion, and creative intelligence is needed if we are to remove these threats.

I believe that creative intelligence requires connectedness with self, others and earth, as well as with playfulness. Since human trauma disrupts connectedness as well as playfulness, healing is a necessity if we are to ward off the above-mentioned threats. The focus of this thesis is on sexual violence, its health consequences and the possibilities to heal through good quality health care access.

As the head of a research-oriented specialist clinic for victims of sexual violence and a survivor of child sexual abuse myself, I have seen and experienced how empathic and structured knowledge-based assessment and treatment can heal sexual traumatization: I know good quality health care for victims of sexual violence can be made available. If we choose to.

I also know that sexual violence is not a demonic phenomenon, but a costly, deliberate egoistic human behavior. As such it can be eliminated. If we want to. My wish is therefore that the content of this thesis will be used - not by words but by action - for the promotion of healing, gender equality and hope.

/Gita Rajan