Below is a selection of published studies concerning WONSA's field of interest. This page is continuously updated.


There are a large number of epidemiological studies that examine the prevalence of sexual abuse and the relationship between different types of interpersonal violence, sexual abuse, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and comorbidity. Below is a selection.


Neurofeedback has been used since the 50's and many peer-reviewed studies have been published from different perspectives. Evidence for the treatment of psychiatric diagnoses exists, but more and larger randomized controlled trials with placebo arms need to be conducted. Below is a selection of studies related to trauma treatment.

Adverse Childhood Experiences, The ACE-Study

The ACE study is one of the world's most cited public health studies and there is so much information and so many studies linked to it that it has its own website. Instead of referring to specific studies on ACE, we have therefore chosen to link to the website. Here you can look for studies by subject and area.

Lifespan Integration

Lifespan Integration is a protocol-based psychotherapeutic treatment method that through structured work with different timelines, among other things, can help the brain to anchor and integrate traumatic memories. WONSA recently published the first randomized treatment study on Lifespan Integration for the treatment of PTSD after rape. A protocol called Modified Lifespan Integration (MLI) was used in the study. Several studies are planned around the world, both on this protocol and on protocols for other psychiatric diagnoses. Our experience indicates that the method is powerful. Special training is needed to be able to perform the method safely, despite its seemingly simple procedures. For this reason, we have chosen not to have the manual on our website. If you want to read it, you can contact us via


Psychedelics are a class of substances that affect the brain in different ways and which seem to increase both plasticity and the ability for different sensory experiences. There are a plethora of ongoing studies and below you can find links to some of them. Dr. Stanislav Grof: “...the potential significance of LSD and other psychedelics for psychiatry and psychology [is] comparable to the value the microscope has for biology or the telescope has for astronomy” (Stolaroff 2004)